The #1 Ranked GSMD in America for 2009

2014 GSMDCA National Specialty
- Select Dog
- Best Veteran
- Best Stud Dog


GCh. Alpenglow Remember The Riot ROM


(pictured at 7 years 9 months of age winning Select Dog and Best Veteran at the 2014 National Specialty)

Son of 1998 GSMDCA National Specialty B.O.B. winner
Ch. Rise and Shine's Blazing Riot, ROM (30 champions)

Grandson of 1996 GSMDCA National Specialty B.O.B. winner
Ch. Ky Quiet Riot v. Sarmac, ROM (28 champions)

Great Grandson of two-time (1995 & 1997) GSMDCA National Specialty B.O.B. winner
Ch. Shamrock Leader, ROM (19 champions)


AKC# WS20789101 Owner: Kristin Krumpe, Lori Price & Kathy Spencer

SIRE: Ch. Rise and Shine's Blazing Riot  (clearances)

Breeder:  Kathy Spencer

DAM: Ch. Cold Spring's Alpenglow Alli  (clearances)

DOB:  December 21, 2006

Fit weight:  136 lbs (61.7kg) at 6 years
Height:  27.5" (70cm) at 4 years

OFA Hips:  GOOD (SMH-1635G24M-VPI)
PennHip:  .38L/.38R (90th percentile)
OFA Elbows:  NORMAL (SMH-EL1448M24-VPI)
OFA Shoulders:  NORMAL (SMH-SH506M24-VPI)

OFA Thryoid: NORMAL (SMH-TH89/24M-VPI)
CERF:  SMH-978 ('07, '09, '11)
P2Y12 Mutation: CARRIER (SMH-RPD1/71M-VPI-CAR)

D Locus (dilute/blue): D/D (non-carrier)


Champions Sired (15)
Ch. Aegis If You've Got It Flaunt It (6/10)
Ch. Aegis Does She or Doesn't She? (8/10)
Ch. Aegis Everywhere You Want To Be (4/11)
Ch. Aegis Maybe She's Born With It (5/11)
Ch. Almrausch Harmony In Green V. Aegis CD NDD WPD VGS  (9/11)
Ch. Aegis Stronger Than Dirt (11/11)
Ch. Jotunheim Noka von Aegis (12/11)
Ch. Jotunheim Theo (12/11)
Ch. Breezy Ridge Alpzyt (7/12)
Ch. Breezy Ridge Kamerade von Aegis (8/12)
Ch. Breezy Ridge Im Wald Und Auf Der Heide (11/12)
Ch. Breezy Ridge Das Lieben Bringt Gross Freude (12/12)
Ch. Jotunheim Chuao (1/13)
Ch. Breezy Ridge Der Schafhirt (4/13)
Ch. Almrausch Garden of the Princess CD DD NWPD VGS(7/13)


Planned Bowie Breedings/Puppies


AKC Championship at 10 months of age

Best In Sweeps, CT River Working Group (3/15/08 & 3/16/08)
BOB, CT River Working Group (3/15/08)

Award of Merit, CT River Working Group (3/16/08)
FIrst Group Placement at 16 months of age
Group 1, Laurel Highlands Kennel Club (9/7/08) at 20 months of age

36 Best of Breed Wins, 3 Group Placements
#3 Swissy for 2008 (AKC Breed Points)
#1 Owner-handled Swissy for 2008 (AKC Breed Points)

Award of Merit, GSMDCA Southbound Specialty (4/12/09)
Award of Merit, GSMDCA Eastern Regional (9/26/09)
Award of Merit, Blue Ridge Specialty (10/9/09)

47 Best of Breed Wins
#1 GSMD (AKC Breed Points)

Grand Championship (8/5) earned in just 6 shows, with 5 majors!
Register of Merit (10 champion offspring) - 8/26/12

GSMDCA National Specialty - Select Dog
GSMDCA National Specialty - Best Veteran
GSMDCA National Specialty - Best Stud Dog
GSMDCA National Specialty - Best of Opp in Veteran Sweepstakes




Bowie's Show Record


Thank you to Kathy Spencer for your friendship, mentoring, and for sharing this very special boy with me.

To Bowie's many fans and friends, thanks for being there and supporting us along the way.

And to Bowie, thank you for the ride of a lifetime!  But more importantly, for making me laugh and smile
(even when I don't necessarily feel like it).  You have taught me to enjoy each day like it's the only day.



Bowie is terribly handsome Swissy.  Some would argue that he's more cute than handsome -- neither are wrong.  He has a fabulous headpiece, with a very large, broad skull and a wide, deep muzzle.  Yet there is nothing intimidating about him -- he's got the expression of an overeager puppy most of the time.  He has very dark, almond-shaped, wide-set eyes, and a correct ear set.

Bowie is a compact, drafty and very powerful boy.  He has a true front with gorgeous tight feet, moderate angulation (of course he'd be "flashier" with a little more), a powerful, true, driving rear, and a rock-solid, dead-level topline.  He has a very thick, strong neck, though he could benefit from a little more reach of neck for the show ring.  

Note, Bowie does NOT "float" when he moves, but rather he reaches and drives with the correct, purposeful gait of a draft dog, having no wasted motion (no overreaching, no high-kicking rear).  Nowhere in the GSMD Breed Standard does it say that a Swissy should "float around the ring".  It states, "Good reach in front, powerful drive in rear. Movement with a level back."  That is Bowie.  He is like a well-built machine who could work all day, with maximum efficiency, and never tire.

Bowie has good bone and very good substance for his age. He is a moderate height, thick-set dog, well-muscled and extremely agile.  He is quite sturdy, and yet has the moves of a ballet dancer at times.  Bowie is one of those very fortunate souls who doesn't have to exercise much to stay in shape.  In fact, even as a very young dog, judges commented on his tremendous conditioning...but he comes by it all naturally. He has an average length coat -- not too long or fuzzy, not too slick -- with very clear colors.  He has minimal undercoat (I'd like a little more) which ranges from very dark gray to black.  He also has that correct, fat, straight tail that seems to be disappearing from the breed. 

Bowie commands attention, not only with his handsome good looks but also his eye-catching attitude.  He is enthusiastic about everything he does, his energy is boundless and he truly lives every day like it's his last.  Bowie is absolutely fearless and the happiest, most outgoing Swissy I've been around (in fact, he doesn't know what a stranger is, which is a bit un-Swissylike).  Bowie is particularly crazy about small children and puppies, as they seem to appeal to his own childlike nature.  It's funny to watch him work to make himself seem small, but he somehow manages to find a restraint that seems impossible for a dog like this.  Numerous judges have even commented on what a secure, happy and truly funny dog he is.  One went as far as telling me I should let Bowie express more of that sense of humor in the ring (easy for him to say, he doesn't have to handle him!)  It's pretty safe to say the only thing bigger than his head is his irrepressible personality.

Bowie's show career got of to a quick start, finishing his championship on his 10 month birthday, with four majors and all of his points earned against same sex competition (much older boys as well).  A fast maturing dog, Bowie began dabbling in the Breed ring at just 14 months of age, and before his second birthday he'd achieved multiple group placements and finished 2008 as the #3 Greater Swiss Mountain Dog (#1 Owner-Handled GSMD).  Bowie continued his winning ways in 2009, as a more mature 2 year old.  He finished 2009 as the #1 ranked Greater Swiss Mountain Dog in the country, the first Swissy to accomplish this entirely owner-handled as he has been throughout his entire show career.  In 2012, as a 5 1/2 year old, Bowie returned to the ring to pick up his Grand Championship, which he accomplished in just a handful of shows.  Like his father, Bowie is aging like a fine wine and seems to only get better with age.

In September 2014, at 7 years 9 months of age, Bowie competed at the GSMDCA National...the first Nat'l Specialty he'd been to since he was a 16 month old puppy!  It had always been a dream of mine to show this guy, as a veteran at a National.  I have never been prouder of Bowie than I was at this show.  He went out there and had a ball, competing like he hadn't lost a step since he was a 2-3 year old and supposedly in his prime.  He started off by winning a huge 7-9 year old class in the Veteran Sweepstakes, and went on to take Best of Opposite in Sweeps (beaten by one of his "baby mommas" OoLa).  The next day, he repeated his win in the 7-9 class, and then in a particularly proud moment, went on to win a huge Stud Dog class with his offspring Obi, Barrett and Ellie.  The final day, because he won his veteran class Bowie got to compete in Best of Breed, along with 68 other specials entered.  I was so proud to be at the end of his lead.  Showing Bowie meant I had to hand off Shea to someone else to show (thank you, Jaime Scott!), which was a huge deal as I've been the only one to show both of these dogs throughout their career.  But Bowie is MY boy, my heart dog, and he wouldn't want anyone else at the end of his lead.  He rewarded my loyalty that day, showing like a dream and taking Select Dog at the National, beaten only by the Best of Breed dog...who happened to be his nephew Shea.

As much as Bowie has been a joy to show, and even now as a nearly eight years old and as competitive as ever in the ring, he is a once in a lifetime companion.  This boy has no idea what it means to be in a bad mood, never has a bad day, and lives every moment as if it might be his last.  He has never met a person he hasn't truly loved -- there are no strangers in his world.  Bowie is basically in semi-retirement from the ring, he enjoys running with the girls here (his daughters and granddaughters), pulling a cart or just entertaining any person who happens to cross his path.

Bowie is OFA Good with very tight PennHip scores (in the 90th percentile).  His elbows and shoulders are OFA Normal, and he has been CERF'd.  He has sired 6 litters and 15 finished champions to date.  Most importantly, Bowie has stamped his soundness, beautiful head, affectionate personality and sense of humor on so many of his puppies.  I have shared my home with several Bowie kids, which means I hardly ever have to wash my face!

Bowie's body began to fail him at 11.5 years of age, and although his mind and spirit were still those of a puppy, his declining mobility force me to make the very difficult decision to let him cross the bridge at 11 years and 8 months of age.  He truly was the dog of a lifetime and has left such a stamp on my breeding program, but more importantly, upon my heart.  





BINSS Ch. Rise and Shine's Blazing Riot, ROM


BINSS Ch. Ky Quiet Riot v. Sarmac, ROM
Ch. Sennehof's Ives
Nathan V. Agerstenholz
Yvette v. Sennenhof 
Abbie S Redmond, ROM
Teco v. Sennenhof
Yvonne v. Sennenhof
Ch. Barton Manor's Tina, ROM
Ch. Allegro of High Ridge
Marco v. Obersteckholz
Sennenhof's Asta, CDX
Blackberry Ana
Nathan v. Agertenholz
Sennenhof's Anke


Ch. Cold Spring Alpenglow Alli

BISS Ch. RidgeBridge Khumbu v. Jotunheim

BINSS Ch. Shamrock Leader
Ch. Sennehof's Ives
Owl Creek Annette
Ch. Faella vom Fusse des Oelirains
Dingo v Hof Nigelsee
Pirri v. Vorderbirch 
Seavaridge's Oh Suzanna
BISS Ch. Seavaridge's Inkleton v. Keno, ROM
Polyanna's Keno 
Seavaridge's Evening Venus, ROM
Seavaridge's Moorea Mist
Ch. Barton Manor Renegade
Shadetree SVR Karisma


 See Some of Bowie's Family




Bowie at the tender age of 7 weeks.

8 months old

Bowie (9 mos) tries to entertain a little friend (6 weeks)

Bowie's first BIG WIN!





Bowie Celebrates winning the huge Veteran Dog Class at the 2014 National

Every bit as sound as powerful at almost 8 years of age as he was at 2!






Bowie "at play" on Basel's Blog:  click here (the 3rd video, at the bottom of the page)




Bowie's first points, at 8 months of age, taking WD/BOW


Bowie takes Best In Sweeps under breeder Jonathan Bastian, at ODKC Supported Entry in Warrenton VA (9 months), and is WD later that day under Lowell K. Davis, picking up his second major.



Bowie picks up his first Group Placement under judge Sharol Candace Way, at barely 16 months of age.

Bowie is pictured (at 20 mos of age) winning Best of Breed  under judge Dr. Anthony Dinardo at Schooley's Mountain Kennel Club. 

Bowie takes a Group 1 at 20 months of age.

Bowie takes big back-to-back BOB wins in Springfield, Nov. '08.


Bowie picks up his 3rd group placement in December 2008,
shortly before turning 2 years of age

Bowie secures his #1 Breed Ranking by sweeping the
Rock Wall Cluster with three huge BOB wins (Feb. 20-22, 2009)


Bowie takes back-to-back Best of Breed wins Saturday and Sunday at the York PA "Celtic Cluster" (March 14-15, 2009)


Bowie takes a big Best of Breed win at Chambersburg Kennel Club in Harrisburg (March 10, 2009)





Bowie in Veteran Sweeps at the 2014 National



Bowie takes BOS in Sweeps at the 2014 GSMDCA National (7 years 9 months)











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