Family and Friends


The photos here feature my family, my dogs' families, and many of the wonderful friends we've made together.

Four-month old Axel visits Princeton with my family.

Moxie as a puppy, with her pals at the office


Moxie (center) at her 2nd Birthday Party, with her work colleagues 
Bowie boats!

Axel, with Mom and Dad, at Maroon Bells.


Moxie at 3 mos, with me and a co-worker


Blaze on his 11th birthday, with one of his sons.

6 month old Bowie, with his friend Paint, at their "Splash Workshop" where they showed up all the Portuguese Water Dogs!


Our very dear friend Holly Witzgall painted this for me from a photo I took of Axel at Maroon Bells in Aspen.  It was Axel's true Mountain Dog moment.


Moxie's Parents, Kramer & Breaker

Hard to believe they're not father/daughter or brother/sister,
but they most definitely are lookalikes!
Moxie (l) and Cho (r)

Haley and Ruby, Bowie's sister, on their way to BOS at the '08 National!

Some of our very best friends -- Lori Price and her boy
"Cho" sharing breakfast together.


Bowie, giving kisses, ringside.  What a mush!








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