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Welcome to Aegis Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs. The purpose of this website is to provide HONEST breed information, not to paint them as a larger, more handsome Labrador, or "the ideal family dog." I will be candid about the biggest challenges any potential GSMD owner must consider -- from the never-ending training challenges to the heartbreak that can come from watching your epileptic Swissy seize to death, which IS a very real problem in this breed. I don't need to spend a lot of time sharing all that makes Swissies so wonderful, as that is very often all people have heard by the time they land here. While I am a breeder of Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs, this website is not about selling puppies. I only breed once or twice a year and I usually like to have at least a dozen potential homes lined up before I breed a litter. Still, I endeavor to be of what help I can to anyone who is searching for a Swissy or hopefully doing their research BEFORE they decide this breed is a perfect fit for their family.

~ Kristin Krumpe



AEGIS Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs is located in
Rutherfordton NC, in Western North Carolina. 


Bowie, 8.5 years young, on a walk to the swimming hole with 9 year old puppy-whisperer, my niece Gretchen.  This is now home for our dogs, and they're loving it!





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