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  Top 5 Reasons Rescue is Called

Pat Saxon and Donna Walker, GSMDCA Rescue Co-Chairs, discuss the top reasons that Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs are surrendered to Rescue.   No new Swissy owner ever thinks they would be someone who would give up their dog, for any reason.  But it happens all too frequently, and often for reasons that could have been avoided had prospective owners been better prepared for the realities of Swissy ownership.  Some of those reasons are Swissy-related, others actually have more to do with the home environment and its appropriateness for this breed.  Very often, it's a combination of the two.  While you may think the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is the perfect breed for you, there is no way you will ultimately know until you have lived with a Swissy.  It may be that this breed is the right one for you, but perhaps it is not the right time.

  Is the GSMD Right for You?

Do yourself, your family and the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog this favor -- PLEASE READ this very insightful piece by Karen Conant, longtime Swissy owner/breeder and former president of the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Club of America.  Ask yourself the important questions Karen poses, and answer honestly before you make this very important decision.  GSMDs are a wonderful breed, but certainly not for everybody.

  Epilepsy and the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog
Written by Karen Conant, this insight into the most challenging disease facing the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, ideopathic epilepsy, first appeared in the January 2004 AKC Gazette.
  Regarding Temperament
The truth behind the "ideal family dog", Karen Conant provides an honest assessment of the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog's temperament.   As Karen points out, these are NOT tri-colored Labs.
  21 Ways to Love Your Swissy
A must-read for anyone considering adding a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog to their family!  This article, written by Dori Likevich, is full of great advice for the novice and seasoned Swissy-owner, alike!
  A Portrait of the GMSD
A general portrait of the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog -- it's basic characteristics, traits, temperament, etc.  This is a wonderful place to start if you're looking for general info on the GSMD.







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