Ch. Derby Kall Me Kramer's Moxie ROM 

Pictured taking BOS at the GSMDCA National Specialty at 4 years of age
Handled to perfection by 12 year old Haley Dill




"a legend"

"The show ring wasn't her favorite place. Her favorite place was in everyone's heart,
at home with you and with 'her' puppies."




AKC# WS15267001  Owner: Kristin Krumpe & Emily Krumpe

SIRE: Ch. Brendamine Kall Me DaddysBoy (clearances)

Breeder: Kristin Kleeman 
DAM: Ch. Derby's Make or Break (clearances) DOB: July 10, 2005
Fit Weight:  119 lbs. (54 kg)
Height:  26.5" (67 cm)
AKC Championship at 16 months of age.
AOM, Atlantic Coast Specialty (Sept. 2007)
  Best of Opposite Sex, 2010 GSMDCA National Specialty (May 2010)

OFA Hips: GOOD (SMH-1455G24F-PI)
PennHip:  .46L/.46R (70th percentile)
OFA Elbows: NORMAL (SMH-EL1260F24-PI)
OFA Shoulders:  NORMAL (SMH-SH503F41-VPI)

OFA Thyroid: NORMAL (SMH-TH88/41F-VPI)
CERF:  SMH-979 ('07)



Ch. Aegis If You've Got It Flaunt It (6/10)
Ch. Aegis Does She or Doesn't She? (8/10)
Ch. Aegis Everywhere You Want To Be (4/11)
Ch. Aegis Maybe She's Born With It (5/11)
Ch. Aegis Stronger Than Dirt (11/11)
Ch. Aegis Don't Need To Be Coy, Roy (1/13)


Moxie was a large, drafty but still very pretty girl, with lovely bone and substance, a gorgeous head, beautiful true front, powerful rear, and thick, very black, wavy coat.  The only thing I would change about her?  I'd have given her a better attitude for the show ring, as she really had no desire to be a show dog.  She loved the attention of shows, meeting strangers and staying in hotels...but would rather be anywhere than the ring.  Moxie had a complex personality that makes her an absolute joy -- smart yet silly, devoted yet stubborn, gentle yet rowdy, and above all, very tolerant.  I don't think Moxie ever truly was a puppy; she was an old soul from the start.  Although she clearly had her own agenda and she frustrated me every time we go to a show, hers was the temperament and personality I'd most like to replicate in my breeding program.  She absolutely adored children, puppies, small dogs, and anything she can "mother."  Her soft expression and deep, dark eyes never lied.  And she was never far from my side. Moxie had all her health clearances, and produced her first litter in June 2008, her second litter in May 2009 and her third and final litter in June 2011.  Of Moxie's 17 offspring, 35% of them (including five from her May '09 litter with Bowie) earned their championships and her Register of Merit (ROM).  

Moxie was as healthy as a horse until the last few days of her life.  In the end, it was old age and a lack of "mobility" that robbed me of more time with my most special girl.  As difficult as it was to make that "quality of life" decision, I could not watch my girl suffer.  I was there when she took her last breath, and hugged her one last time for what probably lasted 20 minutes.  But I know that when she crossed the bridge, she quickly made herself at home as the keeper and caretaker of every puppy who needed a Mom.  That was her greatest gift. That, and the unconditional love she shared with so many of her extended family.  My Mom said it best when she said Moxie's favorite place was never the show ring, but in the hearts of all who knew her.   

Moxie was co-owned by her favorite person (and my niece), Emily.




Ch. Brendamine's Kall Me DaddysBoy


Ch. Ridgebridge Yukon Cody, ROM


NSBISS Ch. Shamrock Leader, ROM

Ch. Sennenhof's Ives

Owl Creek Annette

Ch. Fella Vom Fusse Des Oelirains, ROM VROM

Dingo von Hof Nigelsee
Pirri von Vorderbirch

Brendamine Allie's Sheena

Ch. SeaVaRidge's Go Joshua

Ch. Badjo von Grosserhof, ROM

SeaVaRidge's Evening Venus, ROM 

Schaffhausen's Hadley

Schaffhausen's Anselm, ROM
Barton Manors Jayme of Swiss Acres


Ch. Derby's Make or Break, ROM


BISS Ch. SeaVaRidge's Inkleton V. Keno, ROM

Ch. Polyanna's Keno

Polyanna's Frankinmoos

Ch. Sennenhof's Patricia, ROM 

SeaVaRidge's Evening Venus, ROM

Dogwood's Donatello
SeaVaRidge's Cloud Nine

BISS Ch. Derby's Darling Belline, ROM

Ch. Sudbach's Guinness Xtra Stout, ROM
hip clearance  elbow clearance

Sennenhof's Mark
Saalbach's Ashenda v. Pilch

Shadetree Aurora SeaVaRidge

SeaVaRidge's Alpine Tundra
Krakatau Danish Delite



Moxie, 10 mos

Moxie, 10 mos

Moxie at 10 mos.

Moxie's first major, at 12 mos. under breeder judge
Tom Brown (Supported Entry)


Moxie, in the Juniors ring with her co-owner, Emily.

Moxie, winning an Award of Merit under Breeder Judge, Tom Brown, at the Atlantic Coast Specialty, September 2007.

Moxie at 1 year.

Moxie at 23 months of age.
Moxie at 2 years of age.

Moxie and her daughter, Ginger.


4 years of age

7 years of age








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