Noka x Tazz 2

"Pokey Puppy" Litter
Noka x Tazz

2 Beautiful Girls
Free-whelped on January 30, 2017

This very special litter, Noka's last, was a repeat of the Harvey/Grethe litter we so tragically lost in 2015.  While we will never know, despite all sorts of pathology/testing/necropsies, what took Harvey & Grethe from us, we're thrilled that the Pokey Puppies have filled some of the void for us.  Midge and Pudge are incredible girls, especially as Noka's last born puppies...and I know they will bring their new families as much joy as all the "Pokey Puppies" have brought to so many over the years.





Noka pictured at 2 years of age.


Tazz pictured winning his second major here at 18 months

OFA Hips:  GOOD (SMH-2022G25F-VPI)
OFA Elbows:  NORMAL  (SMH-EL1851F25-VPI)
OFA Shoulders:  NORMAL (SMH-SH742F25-VPI)
CERF:  SMH - 366187
P2Y12 Mutation: CLEAR
For more information about Noka, click here

OFA Hips:  GOOD (SMH-2367G24M-VPI)  
OFA Elbows:  NORMAL  (SMH-EL2202M24-VPI)
OFA Shoulders: NORMAL (SMH-SH981M24-VPI)

P2Y12 Mutation:  CLEAR

Tazz is owned by Holly Witzgall of Breezy Ridge GSMD in New Hampshire
and is a half-sibling to Barrett and Obi out Holly's love Anke.











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