Past Litters


AEGIS Litters Whelped Here

Moxie x Skip "Fred & Ginger" Litter
June 1, 2008

Moxie x Bowie "Advertising Tagline" Litter
May 29, 2009

Moxie x Bo "50 Ways" Litter
June 17, 2011

Noka x Shea "Take a Bite of the Big Apple" Litter
March 10, 2013

Maybell x Brig "Maybe" Litter
June 28, 2013

Maybell x Shea "Warped Tour" Litter
January 7, 2014

Noka x Brig "The Play's The Thing" Litter
April 16, 2014

Maybell x Hobbs "Kingston Trio" Litter
April 30, 2015

Maybell x Tazz "Memories of Moxie" Litter
November 9, 2015

Bronx x Tazz "Practical Cats" Litter
November 13, 2015

Noka x Jake "Military Aircraft" Litter
June 16, 2016

Eden x Kramer "Summer Solstice" Litter
June 21, 2016

Noka x Tazz "Pokey Puppy" Litter
January 30, 2017

Eden x Blaze "Do The Riot Thing" Litter
February 9, 2017

Eden x Norman "The Resistance" Litter
November 9, 2017

Pluck x Tank "Feeling Lucky" Litter
April 24, 2018

Spirit x Romeo "Bowie Songs" Litter
August 14, 2018



AEGIS Litters Whelped and Raised by Co-Owners

Ellie x Bosco "Beantown" Litter
November 27, 2013







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