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Thank you for your interest in an AEGIS Greater Swiss Mountain Dog.  I ask everyone even remotely interested in a puppy to complete a questionnaire, in order to help me match puppies with the homes that best suit them.  You will also find this questionnaire is a great tool that might raise questions you may not yet have thought of or addressed.  PLEASE tell me as much as possible about yourself and your family, your background and history with dogs, your reasons for wanting this breed, etc.  I am very selective about the homes that will adopt my puppies, and it's very important that we get to know each other.  

If you are more interested in a "puppy right now" as opposed to the RIGHT PUPPY, if you don't care where your puppy comes from, if you aren't concerned about health clearances or issues like epilepsy, etc., please don't waste your time or mine.  But if you are willing to do your homework, can exercise some patience, want a lifelong, supportive relationship with your breeder, and care not only about your own puppy but the best interests of this incredible breed...then we definitely have something to talk about, and I will do everything in my power to work with you to fulfill your Swissy dreams.

Note, if the purchase price of a Swissy is a concern (typically from $2000 - $3000, here in the US), then the cost of caring for this large breed dog is probably beyond your means.  I would urge you, in that case, to consider adopting a dog/puppy from one of the many overcrowded shelters in the U.S.

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Please list the NAMES and AGES of all family members in the home
Are you planning to add children to your family in the next 1-2 years?
Where do you live?
Describe your home
Do you have any acreage?
Do you have a fenced yard? What is the approximate size of the yard, and what type/height of fence do you have?
Do you rent or own your home?
What is your occupation?
What is your work schedule (typical hours per week)?
What is your spouse/companion's occupation?
What is your spouse/companion's work schedule (typical hours per week)?
Are there presently pets in your family? If yes, please list them.
Please list the pets you have owned in the last 10 years. If you no longer have the pet, please list the cause/reason.
Have you ever returned a dog to its breeder, and if so, for what reason?
Have you ever turned a dog over to a shelter or rescue organization? If so, please explain the circumstances.
Have you ever given away or sold a dog? If so, please explain the circumstances.
Have you ever adopted an animal from a shelter or rescue group?
Have you ever bred a litter of puppies? If so, how many litters? What breeds?
Is anyone in your household allergic to dogs or other animals?
What is your experience with large breed (80 lbs and over), specifically breeds from the Working and/or Herding groups?
If you have children, are they accustomed to being around large, energetic dogs?
Does everyone in your household like dogs equally? Has anyone ever had a bad experience (been bitten or otherwise frightened)? Please explain.
How did you become familiar with GSMDs?
When did you begin searching for a Swissy?
If you are set on a particular gender, please explain the reasons.for that preference.
Do you have strong feelings about the markings of your Swissy? Would you be willing to take a red, blue (dilute) tricolor, or overly marked (a lot of white) Swissy? *
If yes, please list the owner's name, place and approximate time of meeting (last year, last week, etc.):
Why do you believe the GSMD is the right breed for you and your family?
What other breeds have you considered in your search and why?
Are you familiar with the history and original purpose of this breed?
Are you aware that the GSMD can be difficult to train, and housetraining may take up to 6 months or more?
Are you aware that the GSMD as a breed is prone to some health problems, the treatment for which can run thousands of dollars?
Are you aware that the GSMD has an above average incidence of epilepsy and urinary incontinence (in females) which, although often treatable, can be difficult or trying conditions to live with?
Are you aware that the GMSD sheds year round, with heavier seasonal sheds?
What type of personality are you looking for in a dog?
Are there any behaviors you would not be able to tolerate?
Who will be the primary caretaker of this dog?
Where will this new puppy/dog primarily be living?
Is someone home all or part of the day?
How many hours will the dog be left alone each day?
Where will the dog stay when left alone?
What are your thoughts on crate training? Do you plan to use a crate to train your dog? How many hours (maximum) would the dog be crated per day?
Do you travel often? How many weeks a year are you away from home on vacation or other travel, including work? What arrangements will you make for the care of your dog while you're away?
Where will your dog sleep at night?
How do you plan to housebreak your puppy?
How will you exercise your puppy/dog?
Will you agree to feed a premium food to your Swissy? (over $30 or more for 40 lbs., which is a month's worth for an adult Swissy)?
Are you going to be able to feed your puppy at least 3x per day, and your adult Swissy 2x per day for the rest of its life?
Do you have the time to take your puppy to weekly obedience class from the time it is 3 months old until he can pass an AKC Canine Good Citizen test? That's typically a 6-week Puppy-K class followed by at least 6 weeks of basic obedience. Classes generally meet once a week for an hour.
What experience have you had training dogs?
How will you socialize your GSMD puppy?
What do you estimate the annual costs of caring for your Swissy (food, preventative vet care, dog walkers/day care, etc.) to be?
Will you commit to this dog for the next 10-12 years?
Do you plan to show or breed your dog? Have you ever shown a dog before?
Do you plan to compete with your Swissy in Obedience or Agility, or in Working events such as Draft, Herding, or Pack Dog Hikes?
What activities do you plan on doing with your Swissy?
Will you agree to spay or neuter your Swissy if bought as a companion animal only (non-show)?
Will you agree to NOT breed your dog, if bought as a show/breeding prospect, until it reaches the age of 24 months, has completed an AKC championship and has passed its OFA Hip and Elbow, as well as CERF eye clearances?
Will you agree to return this dog to me if you are unable to keep it for any reason?
Were you refered to me by anyone in particular?
If yes, please list them.
Please list any reasons you may have for wanting to get a Swissy from me, or from a specific breeding.
Are you working with or on any other GSMD breeders' waiting lists?
When would you like to purchase your puppy?
If you have a strong preference for a particular time frame, please explain.
Would you be willing to travel here to meet with me, and later to pick up your puppy?
Please feel free to add any additional comments you may have, other things you would like me to know about you or your situation, or questions.
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Select show vs. companion preference

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